Definition of Insanity

So, we’ve all heard the famous definition of insanity: Doing something (repeatedly) and expecting different results.  Whether it be in sports (‘Did I really throw him a slider, again?’),  work (‘I really should’ve left earlier to beat this traffic’) or parenting (‘I know I shouldn’t let my daughter have everything she asks for, but…’) continuing to act as past experience has shown to be ‘sub-optimal’ is a recipe for, well, lousy results.

As it is in politics–local, regional and national.  If you love your mayor, great–but if not, you’re going to vote against them, correct?  The key in that is ‘vote’–not just sit at home and complain about their actions–actually do something about it!  Hate your Senator, vote the bum out!

Unfortunately what happens when you’re trying to decide the lesser of evils?  In several races this year, the best we have to describe them is exactly that–lesser of evils–especially in the Presidential race.  Yes Trump is loathsome on so many fronts.  Hillary is also, well, loathsome on so many fronts (don’t get me started on either of them).

So here’s where the bottom line remains:  If you like the direction of our country–you know where you should probably vote.  But if you don’t–and the majority of American’s do not–how can you possibly vote for another 4 years of the same failed policies–and someone so ilked in corruption and deception?