Time, Sands of

I wish I could finally finish the cloning device I’ve been working on for years–seems there’s just never enough time, and I think that might be helpful (with apologies to Michael Keaton and ‘Duplicity’)…

I work in Virtualization, which in simple terms is a lot like a ‘clown car’–one ‘host/blade’ may have up to 35 ‘servers’ on it (‘how’d you get so many in there…?)  I wish I could do the same with my life!  I have so many things I want to do (home improvements, hydroponics, remodel the garage, fish) and people I want to be with (my beautiful wife, my kids, grand-kids, friends).

But even in that it’s a double-edged sword…  I know I need to keep a low profile (per my oncologist), but when you’ve danced on the edge of the cliff, who knows what the future holds?  So if I’ve only got a limited time left (well technically I guess we all do, but…) I want to get every bit out of life I can.  Where’s the balance?  Where is the compromise? (What’s the frequency, Kenneth?)

I know, I have to learn to streamline, be more efficient.  Cut the fat, eliminate the waste, right?  If I was 25 again, that might be an option.  If I was 35, maybe.  45?  Perhaps.  55?  Wait, who’s 55?  No, I’m not *there* yet.

Part of it is sharing, and I’m learning to do more of that.  Sharing the fun.  Sharing the creativity.  Sharing the hours and days with my love (see:  Karen).  Teaching her to use a pocket jig (look it up–it’s not perverted), a speed square, square knots, rockwool, datil peppers, rattletraps, wood gas and edge-banding, among other things.  I’m learning from her grace, patience, planning and of course persistence.  She truly is amazing.

Author: stephen

Husband, Dad and Geek, I'm an outdoor enthusiast working in the IT world. Battling Multiple Myeloma day-to-day. I'm blessed to have an amazing wife/partner/lover who cares for me in spite of, well, me. Looking for roses in a valley of thorns.

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